Worship in the Bible Way

Bless the Lord O My soul and all that is within me bless his holy name (Psalms 103:1).

It is awesome to consider that we have the ability to bless our creator, but time after time in the scripture we are exhorted to do just that. We bless him through our praise and worship of him. Praise is an expression of admiration and appreciation. When we praise someone we tell them how wonderful we think they are or how great their accomplishments are. It is in the same with the Lord. Praise has to do with acknowledging God’s character and power.

We praise God Because of who He is and what he does. Those who seek God will praise God and let everything that has breath will praise him. We need to praise the Lord in all times and in every circum stances. The word of God Says we need to praise God in the presence of the congregation, among the nations & on our beds.

Whereas praise is an expression of admiration and appreciation worship is an expression of love and adoration. Worship has to do with our love of the Lord. It can be expressed only with the giving of the whole heart and life to him. In the religious rituals and ceremonies of Israel in the Old Testament became detestable because their heart was far from him. God is only interested in the genuine and sincere worship that comes from the heart.

Our spirit is called inner man and the true worship takes place when the inner man is response to the promptings of God’s spirit, expresses love and adoration to God.

There was sacrifice, cleansing, anointing and clothing before worshiping. There was much preparation of the priest before they could go in to the Holy Place to worship the Lord. To ignore the steps outlined was perilous. We must worship in truth- in the Bible way.

Br: Sam Samuel
Partakers of Christ Ministries