Reconciliation is the one of the most valuable and needed elements in the context of religious fundamentalism, ethnic conflicts, border terrorism, violence, cast discrimination, injustice, and wars. These ongoing issues are turned to be a major threat in the Christian church today. The connected terms to the concepts of reconciliation are love, harmony, justice, peace and fellowship. It has also vertical, horizontal, social and cosmic dimensions

The term Reconciliation is derived from the Greek word “katallege”. It denotes not to good relations in general but to the act that throwing away of enmity between two persons, parties and more. It implies that the persons being brought in to new friendship were formerly hostile to one another. Reconciliation signifies our harmonious and peaceful co-existence where no enmity and cast discrimination prevails. On the other hand, the selfish motives, false aims, oppression, competition, the spirit of domineering and jealousy are the enemies of Reconciliation. Reconciliation is the fundamental factor for the smooth functions of the family, church and society.

In the OT period, it is evident that, God was active in covenantal relationship with people of Israel. Whenever they disobey or broke the covenantal relationship, God was active in reconciliation to restore His people into the right relationship and order. God’s saving activities was an on-going purpose. In OT God did not stop redeeming people. He continued His action in and through Jesus Christ. In NT, Paul the apostle is the one who gives a proper meaning of reconciliation. As per the Pauline concepts reconciliation emerges with in the human relationship. For him, reconciliation is the act of two persons coming together in the spirit of reconciliation.[1cori :7:1,2].reconciliation is needed because humanity remains in enmity with God. They are under the wrath of God. For Paul reconciliation is therefore, the demonstration of God ‘love for sinners.

VERTICAL:- It implies the relationship with God. Human being were enemies of God . So God had to take the initiative. That’s what God send His begotten son to be a mediator in between God and man. Now we are reconciled with god through Jesus Christ, It implies in Reconciliation the wall of enmity is broken. The Reconciliation portray peace with God, with human being and with whole of creation.

HORIZONTAL:- It implies in terms of human relations .The reconciliation between man and man. If one set a right relationship with God, he is supposed to keep a good relationship with fellow human beings .Paul emphatically says that the wall of enmity and cast discrimination is broken by the death of Jesus Christ. The peace is established in place of separation. The mutual trust, understanding, caring, sharing, respect, brotherly love is the true marks of a reconciled believers. The Reconciliation urges us to live as responsible being. The true reconciliation can be seen only where there is harmony, love and peace

Br: Reji John
Partakers of Christ Ministries