About Partakers ministries

It is with great joy and humanity that I write these few lines praising and thanking our almighty God for His manifold blessing that has bestowed upon us last years. Partaker of Christ is a ministry of God’s great love, compassion. It focuses on visionary and missionary activities. The Partaker of Christ is a focus of a group discussion that saw its beginning in 2004. Since that time ministry of partakers has grown, offering in hospitality stimulation, comfort, shade and shelter to many young men and women month by month and day by day. Even more its people have been and still are called to be bond servants for Christ in their deeds and their lives. We rejoice in the outreach ministry to the society that Go has entrusted to us. The people of partakers with a great burden and missionary mind, using their valuable earning for the betterment and edification of the people. The role that the partakers has been playing to uphold brotherly love is remarkable.

As a new journey we have conducted many small crusades amidst society to make aware of the prices of the soul. We started to help some poor students as a part f Christ compassionate ministry. By the grace of God we are having more than 10 children enrolled in our orphanage situated in different places. We have the opportunity to minister to the poorest of the poor children. This small help on some extent is help to sort out their issues. More over the partakers of Christ envision planting of churches, through its activities. We mainly concentrated on some out reached areas, where people dying day by day without knowing Jesus Christ.

This small endeavor is first of all supported by the believers through their generous encouragement and well prayers. We have set some tremendous Christian and humanitarian service to do in coming days. May God continues to bless the ministry to look to the next years with equal enthusiasm and assurance of God’s promises in our Lord Jesus Christ .May God bless you, Amen

Br: Biju Baby
Partakers of Christ Ministries